Is Info Lit Legit?

The introductory post in a 2-strand series about Information Literacy

Is Information Literacy “legit” in our digital age?

While driving around in the car this week, listening to a local pop station for a change, the song “Hollaback Girl” came on the radio. As the lyrics “I ain’t no hollaback girl” popped to the hiphop beat, I thought to myself, I think that’s Gwen Stefani; and then I wondered, Hmm, what does “Hollaback Girl” actually mean?

To be honest, I’ve been wondering that off and on when hearing that song over the last ten years or so since it first came out, but have never quite been motivated enough to find out. Continue reading

getting the fingers

Today (day five: post foot surgery), I learned about finger tutting. Or rather, just tutting.

After spending several hours yesterday and into the late night working on a ujam “demo” for my e-book song, I began brainstorming what the music video might look like…kids dressed as robots…break dance sequences…who would do the rap interlude…if I could get a literary rapper…maybe a student, or even Andre 3000 to do it…

So this morning, I promptly returned the laptop to my lap, and through exploration of music videos (including Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)),” I happily found this video ad featuring JayFunk, a 20-yr. old Berkeley student:

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