do you hear what i hear?

When teaching students this week on how to use NoodleBib for creating citations and digital notes, I learned from previous experience with middle schoolers that tutorial videos taking them through step by step seems to help cement the process for them much more clearly that me showing them in person via a projector and big screen.  Sure, the kids like watching videos, and it’s using media that appeals to them to share content and process, and also builds in differentiation by allowing them to take it at their own pace and re-teach themselves by re-viewing the videos–all good things.

However, what really struck me with this current group of 6th graders–besides their high, positive energy–is their complete lack of the ability to simply listen.  With a focus on 21st Century skills such as collaboration and creation, critical thinking and problem solving–I am finding that critical listening is a skill gap that seems to be growing among our young digital natives, millennial kiddos, or whatever you want to call them today. Continue reading